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Saturday, 29 December 2018

CSI में हैड ऑफिस से CSD को स्टैम्प इंडेंट कैसे करें ? देखें पूर्ण विधि


How to indent stamp to CSD?

Go to SAP, type the T-code ME21N. The below screen will pop up.
image search result for how to indent stamps in HO
Select Stk Tran_in CSD CIR as shown in the above screenshot.
Now, you have to select a Supplying plant which is a CSD from where you get the supply of stamps. If you do not know the code of CSD then just click on the search button on Supplying plant. You will get a pop up as shown below.
image search result for how to indent stamps in HO
Type the postal code of the concerned CSD of your circle. So that you can select a code of CSD.
image search result for how to indent stamps in HO
Enter the following details.
(1) Purc. OrgDOPI
(2) Purc.Group146 (Head office to CSD)
(3) Company codeDOPI
(4) Materialstamp name
(5) QuantityQuantity of stamps.
(6) PlantHead Office Code
(7) Stor.locationTreasurer location (TR01)
After filling in these details, hit ENTER button. Rest of the items will fill up automatically.
Click on check(8) button for any corrections and you should get a message “No messages issued during check”. Now, click on SAVE button. A number will get generated. That number is the Purchase Order Number which is to be communicated with CSD for invoicing stamps to your office.
Thanks for reading!
Source : - Postal Basics

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