Friday, 12 July 2019

Practical Difficulties faced in Finacle. Why the Unions are so silent in this issue?



Nowdays, the Finacle Reports has been limited to only 5 numbers per hour per user and the same report could not be generated within the time period of 10mins.
It is ascertained that the validation per hour is set in a Finacle Server from the generation of last Finacle report.
i.e If 1st report generated at 1100AM and second one at 1110AM, 1120,1130 and 1140, the next report can be generated by the user after one hour which means only by 1240hours. This validation will extend the normal working hours and create new headache in the working environment.

At least 16 reports to be generated by the Sub Offices which the transactions being carriedout in day today work (Noraml Days : SB, RD, SSA, RD Bulk,MIS,TD & SI Entries - 2/3 Schemes) and atleast 6 Finacle Reports to be generated for Branch Post Offices. Totally  the minimum of 22 Reports.

This is very minimum no of reports generated by theSub / Head Offices and the user needs to wait 4-5 hours to generate 22 reports. 

Now, please think about the situation in SBCO ?????

Union leaders may please expose the actual issue faced in operative side and explain the practical difficulties to concern authority for the valuable solution.

On behalf of Postal employees, It is kindly requested to remove such validation in Finacle.
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  1. Unions have already taken up issues and many agitation program like dharnas, demonstrations,etc has been called up. But most of the Postal employees are not making them successful by total and fully whole hearted participation. Most of them are only shouting in social media and blogs.

    When CHQ of any union is giving a call for a program at Different levels then countable staff are seen agitating which gives the message to administration that no body is facing problem and everything is going well. Not only administration, but media people, passers by public say the same also. When there will be 100 employees instead of 10, thousand employees instead of 100 and so on even at a Lunch hour demonstration,then Administration will automatically know the things. No need to explain.

    Instead of Doing things in social media and blogs if people will participate in field and ground levels them everybody will listen.