Thursday, 13 February 2020

CEPT instructions regarding unverified accounts.


Subject: EOY Preparatory Work - Clearing of Accounts pending for verification - VERY URGENT
Dear Sir/Madam,


I am directed to convey the following


This is regarding clearing of SB/PPF/SSA accounts pending for VERIFICATION. It is observed that Interest for several accounts are not posted due to UNVERIFICATION of Accounts. Annual Interest will be skipped for such accounts which results in customer complaints, PG Portal, CPGRAMS cases.


Interest booking batch execution has commenced today; out of 30 SOLs, 17 are having atleast 3 unverified accounts. It is observed that most of the accounts are opened and left unverified.


DO/RO SPOC are requested to kindly generate the list of Unverified accounts and share the same with POs immediately for clearing the same.



Kindy find below the process to clear UNVERIFIED entries


SOLs can use HAFI with the following filters to list such accounts and take necessary action to either verify / cancel the account operation.

Description: cid:9355545d-bed9-4506-a0c0-aa224f9f2c6b


Please treat this as URGENT.


It is requested to kindly revert in case of any clarifications.


Thanks and Regards

Gopinath S

Inspector Posts

Data Migration Command Centre(CBS)

Chennai 600 002


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